Tuesday, 22 February 2011

On a serious note

Back when I was in my last year at university, I decided I wanted to take a trip somewhere after I finished studying - kind of a 'present to myself' if you like. At the time, money was the main consideration, so after researching, I decided on a week long tour around New Zealand's South Island.

It was my first 'big girl' trip (the first trip outside of my home town that I did by myself), and I loved it. There is amazing scenery in the South Island, and its so different to what I'm used to back in Australia. I also had a couple of nights in Christchurch before the tour started and after it finished. I don't have photos to remind me (I did this trip back before I had a digital camera), but I remember Christchurch as being a lovely city, much like my home town, with some beautiful old buildings.

So when I heard about the earthquake that happened there today, I was shocked. There's been more than enough natural disasters in that part of the world recently.....my love and thoughts are with the people of New Zealand and Christchurch as they work to find survivors, and then the work of rebuilding their city....

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