Monday, 7 March 2011

Dear So and So....

Dear driver who pulled out in front of the bus I was on the other day:
Really? Did you not notice the bus approaching at all? I would have thought a great big bus was rather hard to miss, but I could be mistaken......its been a while since I've driven a car.

A passenger on the bus who was very glad the bus driver was paying attention.


Dear girl on the bus who tried to purchase her fare with a 10 pound note:
Firstly, I applaud you for using public transport. Saving the environment, and cheaper (particularly at the moment) then trying to run a car (in my opinion). But, do you think it is really fair to expect the bus driver to have  enough change? Try and have some coins to hand next time.

A fellow bus user who tries her darndest to have the correct fare/enough coins to hand.


Dear British Weather,
We've had words before, I know. However, I am currently grateful that you seem to be turning your attention towards more spring-like weather, with a couple of days of blue sky and somewhat warm sun. Any chance of this continuing for a while? I would really appreciate it.

A girl from oz, who really appreciates the sun and blue skies.

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