Sunday, 4 September 2011

Story behind the photo - Bath

Bath. A city probably best known for a couple of things: the Roman Baths, and the Georgian architecture throughout much of the town (and definitely worth a visit, in my opinion). So why, then, have I picked a picture of leaves to be today's photo? Because that's what came up when I used this site to pick which photo I was going to feature.

I'd gone to Bath as a day trip with London Walks, a company who I talked about a bit in my last post . We were taken around some of the Georgian streets Bath in the morning and afternoon, and visited the Roman Baths in the afternoon. It was autumn when I visited, with the leaves changing colour and falling from trees. I spotted these fallen leaves as we were walking around, and took the photo. What can I say? The leaves on trees back home don't change colour and fall from the trees in autumn....and they were pretty.


  1. I'm going to Bath with London Walks in 2 weeks!! I can't wait! I went to Oxford + Cotswolds with them last year and loved how stress-free the day trip was! I am SO excited to see BATH!!! What were your favorite parts of this city?