Sunday, 25 September 2011

Story behind the photo - Peterborough

Peterborough is not somewhere that would be on most tourists' 'must-visit' lists when they come to the UK. And, if I'm honest, it wasn't  really on mine either. Since I moved over here however, I've been trying to explore as much of the country as I can - both the well known and not so well known places.

This photo is a closeup of part of the exterior of Peterborough Cathedral. One of Henry VIII's wives (Katharine of Aragon) is buried here. As with all the cathedrals that I've visited, I was fascinated by the architecture - both on a grand scale, and on a more detailed level, such as what is in this photo.

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  1. Catherine of Aragon was always the Catherine that who spoke to me. Of all those wives, I felt for her the most. Thanks for bringing me to her burial place. :-)