Sunday, 30 January 2011

Story behind the photo - Nice, Monaco and Cannes

This photo is taken overlooking Monaco. You can see the stands for the Grand Prix - I think it had finished before we arrived. After a couple of nights in Lucerne, we left Switzerland, had lunch in Italy (service station stop), arrived in Nice (France) in the afternoon, then had dinner in Monaco. Four countries in one day - pretty incredible to a girl who was used to driving for a day and still being in the same state!

While in Monaco, the overwhelming sense you got was that money, while not necessarily everything, means a lot. One thing I saw that still sticks in my mind is watching a couple come out of the Grand Casino. Their car was driven by the valet approximately 5 metres from where it was parked to where they were standing, and then they got in. I think it was seeing that, more than anything else, that made me realise there's a whole other world out there.