Monday, 3 January 2011

Travel Wish List

The longer I spend living in Europe, the greater my list of places I want to travel to becomes. If time and money were no object, here is the list (in no particular order)

1. Gallipoli for Anzac Day (this should happen this year, was meant to go last year but the ash cloud got in the way)

2. Iceland

3. Giants Causeway  completed! visited 13/2/11

4. Jacobite Steam Railway

5. Edinburgh (to see the military tattoo again)

6. Spain (probably Madrid and/or Barcelona, but anywhere in Spain would be good)

7. Normandy/D-day area of France

8. Switzerland (not sure where, have visited Lucerne before but would like to see more)

9. Portugal

10. Germany for Christmas markets (probably Nuremburg)

11. Norway

12. Sweden

13. Finland

14. more of Belgium (have already visited Brussels)

15. Southwest England (Cornwall/Devon)

16. Cinque Terre area of Italy

17. Sorrento and Capri

18. Pompeii

Let's see how far I get through the list in 2011....

1 comment:

  1. Cinque Terre is my husband and I'd favorite place in Italy. You MUST go. I've been twice and I'd love to go once more before we leave. I've also been to Sorrento, swam off the coast of Capri and been to Pompeii. I love southern Italy more than the northern part (where we live). I hope you get to see all the places on your wish list!