Sunday, 22 May 2011

Story behind the photo - Amsterdam, Edam and Voledam

A photograph of a windmill in The Netherlands. One of those photos that, while somewhat cliche, you kind of have to take....right? Amsterdam (after a stop in the village of Edam, and a dinner in the village of Voledam), was the final destination of the tour, before returning to London. I think, by this stage of what had been a whistle-stop three week trip through Europe, I was feeling a mixture of emotions - sadness that the tour was nearly over, mixed with a sense relief that I would be settling in one place and not in the hectic mindset that day-after-day travel can bring.

This photo was taken on the drive to Amsterdam. If I remember rightly, there is actually not all that many windmills any more in The Netherlands - I think our bus driver and tour manager made a slight detour so we could hop out and take a photo. I count myself pretty lucky to have got off the bus quickly enough to get a photo without anyone in it......often easier said than done. A windmill is a pretty cool thing to see, and like I said, one of those iconic images you really want to capture (or at least I did)

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  1. Hey nice blog! Lately I've also developed this love for travelling. :)