Sunday, 15 May 2011

Story behind the photo - St Goar

St where? Yep, kind of my initial thought, too. St Goar is a small town in Germany, located on the banks of the Rhine river. We had one night here, which was definitely enough. There was an included cruise on the Rhine, an optional wine-tasting, and not too much else to do. I do have to mention one of the shops we visited - a stein shop. If you don't know, steins are what they use in Germany for drinking beer. This particular shop had a huge range.....of which my favourite were the 'Berlin Wall' steins. These were steins made with a piece of the Berlin Wall on the lid. I had heard about them before leaving Australia, and was pretty sure I wanted to buy one, a decision which was made about 30 seconds after seeing them in the shop. And as an added bonus (which I was very grateful for) the shop will ship them anywhere in the world (for a fee), which I took advantage of.

Now, the photo. This was outside one of the shops in St Goar. The text on the sign hanging around the bear's neck says:

I am a brown bear and I come from Steiff the company who made the first teddy bear in the world! You may take a picture with me, but please do not touch me. Many beary thanks.

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