Sunday, 21 August 2011

Story behind the photo - Oxford

Oxford is the other major university town that many people have heard of and (I think) want to visit when they come to the UK. I have to admit, when I visited I didn't enjoy Oxford as much as Cambridge. This is most likely because, on the day I visited, there were graduation ceremonies going on....and it was also an alumni weekend, so there were many more people in the city than you might expect.

This photo is of the Radcliffe Camera, which is part of the Bodlein Library - somewhere I wanted to visit, but wasn't able to go into. The photo is taken from the Carfax Tower, which was part of a 14th century church that was demolished over 100 years ago to allow for road widening. Its well worth climbing for the views of Oxford.


  1. I've never been to either...honestly, I'm not that interested in either. Why was Cambridge so good?

  2. Essentially, I preferred the atmosphere in Cambridge. And I found it easier to get around as well.