Monday, 11 July 2011

Memorable travel moments

Personally, I think most travel is memorable - whether it be for good or bad reasons. I know that when I eventually return home, this experience will hopefully stay with me for the rest of my life. In the past 2 years, however, there have been moments that have stood out and been etched into my memory. Here are a couple of them:

1. seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time

I've mentioned before that my friends and I did a group tour (Contiki) when we first arrived in Europe. For us, it was the easiest and quickest way to get an introduction to Europe. The first destination was Paris, and on that first night the group was taken on an 'orientation tour' of the city. When we saw the Eiffel Tower, that was the moment it hit me. After talking, planning, and saving for so long....I was really and truly in Europe, living my dream. It was a pretty good realisation to make, let me tell you.

2. Massed Pipes and Drums at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Most people I know either love or hate bagpipe music. Me, I'm firmly on the love side....I've always liked listening to bagpipes... maybe its my Scottish heritage coming forward. Growing up, my family always watched the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, when it was shown on ABC around Christmas/New Year. I knew that while I was living over here, I had to go and see it live, which I did last year. Sitting in the stands, waiting for the show to start, I was getting more and more excited (and really hoping the rain would stop - it had been raining all day). Seeing and hearing the massed pipes and drums (who open the show) walk out onto the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle gave me goosebumps. I didn't know where to look, and felt a bit like a kid on Christmas morning, trying to decide which present to open first. If I'm completely honest, the moment actually brought a tear to my eye. I don't think I will forget it.....ever.

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