Sunday, 24 July 2011

Story behind the photo - Brussels

For the first bank holiday weekend (3-day weekend for the non-UK readers) my friend and I decided to head to Brussels. Or, if we're going to be more precise, I said I wanted to go to Brussels and she agreed...We walked a lot, explored the city, and got our fill of chocolate and waffles (neither of us are big beer drinkers). My highlight of the weekend was getting to zip-line from the top of the Atomium - a huge adrenaline rush and a LOT of fun (I don't think you can do it normally, it was just for this weekend). I also learnt a very important lesson when it comes to accommodation - have a really good map or directions to where you're staying. I didn't, and we wandered around the area where our hotel was for a good hour before finally figuring out where we needed to be.

This photo is taken from a square near to where we were staying, looking down towards the centre of Brussels. The tall spire in the middle of the photo is on one of the building in the Grand Place (main square in Brussels)

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