Sunday, 31 July 2011

Story behind the photo - St Albans

This is a photo of the west front of St Albans' cathedral. I think I may have mentioned my new-found love of churches/cathedrals before, there's just something about them that makes me stop and wonder. When you consider when these cathedrals were built (generally around the 11th to 14th century), and that they were built by just takes my breath away.

St Albans would probably be best known today as a commuter town - by train, it is only about 30 minutes from London. As well as just wandering about and exploring the town, you can also visit Verulamium  - located just on the outskirts of the town, it is the site of one of the first cities established in Britain following the Roman invasion. There is an interesting museum to visit, you can also visit a bath house with a mosiac floor. All in all, an interesting town to spend the day in.

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